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Welcome to Walk The World

Welcome to The Walk The World Universe. We aim to provide an objective and independent voice covering finance and property with a touch of philosophy on the side so you can create your own view of what is going on from our data driven perspective on how things are.

Importantly from this data led approach we aim to explore different views and voices, rather than a monolithic platform around a single point of view. Intelligent Insight to help you make better and more informed decisions.

Now from here you can get direct to Digital Finance Analytics, which covers our finance and property sector research, our YouTube Channel, Walk The World where we post shows each day on the latest finance and property news, and also now to The Walk The World Fund and Walk The World Super, both of which are powered by Nucleus Wealth.

Note though we do not offer financial advice, and you will need to assess whether these solutions are right for you. There is the ability for personal investment advice to be provided as part of the investment partnership.


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